Villa - first-time buyer - one level on or around

Villa - first-time buyer - one level - Maisons Vertes

In order to allow everyone to become a home-owner and especially first-time buyers, Maisons Vertes has created this economic model without abandoning the high quality which is behind the reputation built up since 1986. (Naturally it is also suitable as a buy-to-rent property)

The one-level house with its simple rectangular architecture gives a practical and functional interior. Costs are reduced but quality is maintained. Its simple form makes it suitable for all plots even small ones.  

Included in this price: traditional build including crawl space, PVC window and door frames with rolling shutters, drywalls, wooden staircase, ceramic tiling, bathroom fittings, bank guarantees and structural damage insurance and RT12 (energy efficiency regulations)

Not included: connection to power and water grid or access roads, adaptation to the terrain, garage, terrace, painting, wallpapering and cupboards.

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