Guarantees on signature

The deposit should be no more than 5% of the cost of the whole contract.
The legislation has made this insurance mandatory so that you are covered in the case of the deal falling through (bank loan refusal etc.) and you can be entirely reimbursed.
This guarantee covers the so called administrative period, from the cashing of the cheque to the opening of the building site.
You will be provided with a personal certificate by the guarantors of Maisons Vertes - CEGI  or CGI Bâtiment.

Start of works

In order to reassure the customer that the time delay and price agreed on will be respected, the law has made the delivery guarantee mandatory. It starts on the day work is commenced and covers all the period up to the unconditional handover of keys.  It must be nominative and a copy must be provided for the client and the loan provider (who cannot grant the loan without this document because they risk, in case of litigation, being held responsible).
This document is primordial. If, for whatever reason, the builder cannot continue the construction (at whatever stage), the guarantor is obliged to find another builder to finish the work for the same price and with the same services.

After handover, once all the work is finished you can benefit from three other legal guarantees

  • Completion guarantee

Under French law (article 1792.6 in the civil code), this guarantee lasts one year starting on the handover date. If, during the following year, any technical problems appear in the house, Maisons Vertes will undertake all repairs  or improvements necessary.

  • Fittings guarantee

Under French law (article 1792.2 in the civil code), this guarantee lasts two years starting on the handover date. It covers any possible faults not directly linked to the actual building, in other words the equipment (shutters, plumbing, heating, electrical goods...).

  • 10 year guarantee

As its name implies, this lasts ten years after the handover date (nine years after the completion guarantee runs out). It covers any faults affecting the solidity of the house or structural damage.

It protects the customer from any damage which makes the house uninhabitable.

These three guarantees do not take into account any works needed to remedy the effects of normal wear and tear.

Householder Defects Insurance - "Structural damage insurance"

This insurance is mandatory and is systematically included in the price in all our contracts. The 10 year guarantee is implemented by the household defects insurance, even if there are any doubts about responsibility or in the case of errors or bankruptcy of the builder.

In other words, if any major faults appear in the ten year period all you need to do is make an insurance claim by registered letter. They have 60 days to propose damages and after sending in an insurance expert, they will pay you and reclaim the cost from whoever is responsible.

If the house is sold before the ten years are over, this insurance document must be provided to the notary as it is assigned to the house and not the owner.