Study of your projet

It all starts with a meeting. You lay out your project, your desires, needs, budget...

This encounter will allow you to submit your demands, to define your requirements (finding a plot, getting a loan...)

As soon as all the boxes are ticked, the land has been reserved and the finances sorted out, with the help of our qualified architect (government diploma) we can move on to the design phase. At this stage all options can be considered: choosing an existing model and personalising it or a completely original design, a traditional or contemporary home, on one level or with stairs and different floors.

Together, we will give shape to your dreams step by step until your project is achieved.

The stages of your project

The “finding a site” stage

The choice of the site is a primordial stage. The direction the house will face, it's exposure to sunlight and access to the property all depend on the land chosen. You should also take into account criteria such as local urban planning and possible design rules if the land is on a housing estate or near to heritage site or a place of historical interest.

The “finance” stage

Before committing yourself it is important to define the available budget, taking into account not only the bank loans needed but also any help packages or tax breaks you could be eligible for.

The “design” stage

In accordance with your desires, but also your land and your budget, we will draw up the plans for your future home and select the materials and building techniques to be used. This is the moment that your dream starts to take shape.

The “building permit” stage

This crucial stage will make the project viable. The statutory period required to obtain this magic document is two months after submitting the request.

The “building” stage

There are two phases to this, the preparation of the land (if it hasn't already been done by a developer) and the actual building. During this stage you will finalise all the fixtures and finishings you will require.

The “receipt of works” stage

A visit will allow you to check all the final details, check for any little corrections to be done, finalise fixtures and fittings. The next stage will be the definitive acceptance of the works and the handing over of the keys.

The “handing over of the keys” stage

The last step in your project. You access your home, all that's left is decoration, empty your boxes and take full advantage of your new home.

Finding a plot of land

No one can deny that to build a house you need some land. The choice is primordial. It should be easily accessible, in a safe zone, free from risks of natural disasters, well appointed... These criteria are all taken into account by our professionals who will help you in your search or propose sites for you,  sites which have been selected with the help of their knowledge of the region.