CCMI contract

The CCMI contract (Contract for the construction of individual houses) is proposed by all members of the LCA-FFB (Union of builders and developers – French builders federation) see our partnerships

The choice of a house-builder who is a member of LCA-FFB is a guarantee that your house will be well built, that you will be dealing with one single contact person and that the contract will be strictly controlled under the French law of 19 December 1990.


  1. One single contact person
  2. The guarantee of reimbursement of all deposits paid before the start of building
  3. The guarantee on delivery of the price and the deadline agreed on
  4. Completion guarantee
  5. The guarantee of good working order on delivery
  6. 10 year guarantee
  7. Strictly regulated payment for works
  8. Optional -  subscription to mandatory insurance coverage, called "structural damage" insurance

Comparative of existing contracts

Important points
CCMI  contract with plans provided

Project management

+ business market contract

Global cost defined by the law
Deadline for delivery defined at signature

Subscription to mandatory insurance coverage,

called "structural damage" insurance

Guarantees of delivery
One single contact person
Mandatory provision of plans
Measure of air permeability
Calls for funds defined by the law
Guarantee of reimbursement
10-day withdrawal period
Undertaking of administrative formalities
(except with prior agreement)
Centralised after-sales service