Personalised plans

The house you are going to build is not any old house, it's yours ! You will be the ones living in it and it should be perfectly adapted to your lifestyle. A large bright living room to recieve your friends, a play area for your kids, a cosy corner  in which you can read and listen to music, a large terrace to enjoy the sun, a big kitchen for all your culinary inventions, the bathroom of your dreams…

Let your imagination run away with you !

The RT 2012, what you need to know

Because of energy efficiency regulations called RT 2012, all building permits nowadays have to contain an annexe which is the BBIO. This officially formatted document proves that the planning of the future property has taken into account an energy efficiency estimation corresponding to the climatic zone (three zones in France).

The regulation fixes a maximum limit (BBIO max) and its calculation includes (among other things) the direction the future house will face, its altitude, the insulation values of floors, walls, loft space and doors and windows. (It also includes a minimum surface for windows : 1 sixth of the floor surface)

Energy efficiency survey

Once the BBIO is done, it need to be completed with another study. Two necessary indexes are required, the normal interior temperature, especially in summer (TIC) and the CEP, concerning heating, water heating systems, ventilation, cooling and lighting.

The RT 2012 is not valid until all of this information is given. The BBIO document by itself does not prove that the building respects the norms.

Air permeability test

Once the building is finished, you need to provide a document proving it is permeable to the air. The requirements mentioned in the last two paragraphs would be pointless if your house is not draught proofed. The test is carried out by professionals who check for any hidden draughts via windows, doors etc.

The RT 2012 certification once all work is over

This certification is carried out by an independent expert and validated by the ministry. It should be registered at the local town hall at the same time as the declaration of finished work.

Important : If you have a bank loan, these documents will be required by the banker before you can receive the last funds, finalise the bank dossier and start the repayment plan.

Make no mistake : all of these steps are complex and expensive. Building your future home within the framework of a building contract (CCMI) ensures that this procedure is followed to the letter.

Technical Services

These services are given as an indication, each department has its specificities

Implantation - Foundations - Basements

  • Trench excavations 0.50 m wide and 0.50 m deep
  • Reinforced concrete slabs under load-bearing walls
  • Agglomerates of cement mortar with cement mortar, with sealing base


  • Concrete girder floor, with integrated insulation, with compression slabs
  • According to thermal study RT 2012

Exterior walls

  • 0.20 m hollow agglomerates (option : bricks) with concrete links and angle stiffeners
  • Interior lining made by an insulating mix of expanded polystyrene and plasterboard  (according to thermal study RT 2012)
  • External plaster with hydraulic binder, crushed finish (option trowelled or scraped)

Framing - Coverage

  • Insecticide fungicide treated northern wood roof beams
  • Traditional or self-supporting roof structure in garage
  • Dual-channel terracotta roof tile, age colored
  • Traditional Genoese 1 row + 2 filets of parefeuille or 2 rows + 3 filets of parefeuille (upstairs)
  • Lead flashing
  • Cover for roof terrace : multilayer waterproofing  with incorporated polyurethane insulation.


  • Outdoor
    • Monobloc PVC or aluminum (option wood) double glazing 4-16-4 argon gas low emission.
    • Wooden shutters with bars and braces and round shutter bolt
    • Optional motorized insulated aluminum rolling shutters
  • Indoor
    • Postformed or contemporary doors, 40 mm thick, wood frames, choice of handles


    • Divided dry cellular walls 5cm thick, option Placostyl 72 mm
    • Ceilings made of 13 mm thick gypsum board fixed on metal rails
    • Access hatch to  the attic
    • Thermal insulation in rockwool blown into loft space (thickness according to thermal study RT 2012)

    Floor and wall covering

    • Floors
      • Glazed stoneware tiles 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 45 x 45 manufactur's range
      • Matching tile skirting boards
    • Wall tiles 10m2
    • Window sills white concrete (terracotta option)

    Plumbing -Hot water

    • Production of hot water by solar or thermodynamic energy
    • White sanitary fixtures with mixer taps including 1 acrylic tub 1,70 x 0,70, or 1 shower base 0,80 x 0,80, (option Italian shower)
    • Postformed basin, 1 toilet bowl, 1 white sandstone sink ,2 tubs 1 drainer on cupboard

    Electricity - Heating - Ventilation

    • Complies with standard C15000 - LEGRAND built-in appliance or similar
    • Dywatt Consumption Indicator
    • Heating by radiant panels, or flat + radiant, or duct air / air, or underfloor heating
    •  Air / water integrated hot water production, or gas central heating
    • Type A or B hydrostatic fan


    • Interior stairs
      Tiled concrete with wooden : exotic wood nosings and risers
    • Outdoor staircase